A Detail Overview on Reinforced Concrete Detailing
A Detail Overview on Reinforced Concrete Detailing
02Oct 2020
By Admin - Cadeploy

What is Reinforced Concrete Detailing?

Reinforced concrete detailing is the new age solution for the fabricators that helps the builders to build perfect, error-free buildings that meet the need and sustains for long.

Reinforced concrete, as a commercial structure material, is extremely mainstream these days. It is generally utilized in numerous types working far and wide. Alongside numerous crucial points, reinforced concrete additionally represents a few hindrances moreover.

Our Services

  • Detailing and Estimation.
  • Bar Lists & Releases in Customized Formats.
  • As-Built Drawings.
  • Mechanical Accessories Lists (Couplers, Form savers, Chairs etc.).
  • Bar Bending Schedules.

Rebar Expertise

  • Commercial Buildings.
  • Medical & Hospital Buildings.
  • Office Buildings.
  • Schools & Administrative Buildings.
  • Multi-Storey Parking Garages.
  • High Rise Residential & Mixed-Use Buildings.
  • Bridges & Highway Structures.
  • Water Treatment Plants.
  • Shopping Malls.


Cadeploy is continuously raising the bar with its quality works and on-time delivery of the projects. In the business development, each movement is of extraordinary significance and simply the best can be trusted with the delicate activity. Our flawless story has made us the one-stop objective for condition of-workmanship Reinforced Concrete Detailing and Estimation for the development of organizations, support specialists, rebar fabricators, steel erectors, and gene contract-based workers. We have a major pool of extremely qualified and vastly experienced Rebar detailing engineers who have an extraordinary command over the workmanship a speciality of Rebar Shop Drawings and Bar Bending Schedules (BBS). Our customers are glad since we ensure that our Rebar Engineering group coordinates with the customers' specialized engineers consistently at the site to determine each issue and explain all queries. It's not simply the correctness of our activities that has made us so mainstream among the customers; it's likewise our moral and straightforward method of working as well. We have made enormous steps in this industry in a brief timeframe and have prevailed with regards to completing each project of detailing with our insight, expertise, experience and ability.


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