Best Service for Precast Concrete Detailing in Europe
Best Service for Precast Concrete Detailing in Europe
14Aug 2020
By Admin - Cadeploy

Cadeploy is the brand in the world of Precast Concrete Detailing services for decades. Its 1000+ seasoned Engineering professionals who are qualified and experienced to provide the solutions required for every individual project. Every project is different and our plan of action is framed according to the need and requirements of a customer and project.

Our problem-solving attitude makes us unique from others and helped us to be the market leader in Precast Detailing in Europe as well as other countries around the globe. Along with the USA and Canada, we have an actual presence in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Republic of Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, etc.

We have 350+ happy clients globally and thus Cadeploy family is becoming bigger day by day. Along with our efficient employees, our clients are also our family. This is the reason most of them tend to work with us for years, together we are completing projects and simultaneously gaining wealth of goodwill and experience. If we talk about works in the EU and UK, we have experience in working on similar projects like Nine Elms, Canary Wharf, and Battersea Power Station. We provide a dedicated Project Coordinator and a Project manager for every individual project, they are always there to assist in every need.

Let's have a detailed look at what Cadeploy serves in Precast Concrete Detailing: 


  • 3D Modelling (Model whole Building in 3D Software)
  • General Arrangement Drawings (which includes Marking Plans / Layouts, Elevations, Dowel Layouts / Starter Bar Layouts, Propping Layouts)
  • Shop Drawings (which includes Geometry of Each wall, Reinforcement details, Cast in items (Grout tubes, Lifters, Props, Ferrules, Cast in Plates) Locations)
  • As-Built Drawings


Marking Plans / Layouts:

       Marking Plans or Layouts which consists of Grid Values & its Dimensions, Set-out dimensions of all Precast Elements like Walls, Columns, Beams, Slabs, Staircases, etc.


       Elevations consist of Level Heights & its Values, Heights of Precast Elements, Doors & Windows locations & its height.

Dowel Layouts / Starter Bar Layouts:

        Dowel Layouts provides the Set-out dimensions of Dowels to be placed in the site before placing precast walls & Columns.

Propping Layouts:

         Propping Layouts provides the Set-out Dimensions of placing Propping Hooks before pouring Cast in Slabs.

Shop Drawings:

        Shop Drawings consists of Geometry of Wall, Doors, Windows, and any other kind of openings or notches. We will provide the details of Cast in Items such as Grout Tubes, Lifters, Props, Ferrules, Cast in Plates, etc., and its locations.

Also, it consists of Reinforcement bars details & its schedule.

As-Built Drawings:

         As-Built Drawings is the final output provided to Client based on the Geometry of Building once Project completed for Certification purpose.

List of Items we specialize in Precast:

  • Walls

  • Spandrels / Balustrade Walls

  • Double Walls / Sandwich Walls

  • Columns

  • Beams

  • Staircases

  • Solid Slabs

  • Half Slabs

  • Hollowcore Slabs

  • Double Tee Slabs


We would be happy to hear from you regarding any query and can be reached at UK: +44 203 287 0235, USA: 408-375-9200/ 925-406-4541. You can even write to us at      

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