What are the Advantages of Precast Concrete in the Construction Industry?
What are the Advantages of Precast Concrete in the Construction Industry?
03Jul 2020
By Admin - Cadeploy

Numerous beneficial qualities of the modern construction of precast concrete have made precast detailing and estimation in Europe much worthy. Apart from quality and exactness, labour expenses have been reduced immensely. The erection of the structures gets executed in a shorter space and time contrasted with in-situ developments. The process is even eco-friendly and diminishes dust and noise pollution. Also, precast concrete is a natural structure material with 100% recyclable quality. Because of its super advantageous qualities, precast detailing in Europe is so popular. 

  • Earthquake Resistant Construction

If there arise an occurrence of an earthquake, an adequate dimensioning of the precast solid components can be of fundamental significance. Apart from structural calculations, the quality of materials and the standard of production are crucial in this unique condition. In a modern precast factory, high-quality walls, columns, beams, and floors are produced in a controlled environment with Tekla precast concrete detailing software

  • Economical Construction

Construction of precast concrete elements offers a great advantage in reducing the cost of the construction due to savings in reinforcement, concrete materials, fast turnaround, and quality construction with less manpower required to monitor & coordinate on-site. The master computer controls and monitors the production facility. Thus, materials like concrete, construction steel, etc., can be utilized in a resource-saving way and ideally utilized. The concrete compound is adjusted precisely and mixed in the batching plant of the factory. Here in Cadeploy we use all the necessary technologies and techniques to deliver 100% error-free projects, thus today we are one of the leading precast construction companies in Europe.

  • Safety and Protection

Precast concrete buildings provide excellent fire protection without any extra measures because concrete itself is fireproof resistant. It is resilient against fire avoids fires from spreading inside the building and hence reduces the threat for the residents of the building. The damage in such a building is very minor after a fire compared to buildings made of other building material because precast elements neither burn out nor melt due to fire. This reduces additional costs for repairing works.

  • Appealing Buildings

When we are talking about the advantages of Precast Concrete we should include that the use of precast solid elements when designing precast facades, makes it possible to create diverse & durable surfaces. Concrete can be designed at will due to its formability. The Precast facades exteriors can be coloured, textured, or even moulded. Numbers or letters can be embedded into the concrete surface. There are no restrictions on creativity and a variety of architectures is possible for builders & real estate developers. 

  • Energy Efficient Construction

Precast concrete buildings can be effectively prepared for low vitality utilization. This is one of the major reasons behind the popularity of precast detailing in Europe. The thermal insulation can either be integrated into the precast concrete element or mounted to the outer face of the wall. Additionally, all the pipes for the building services are embedded into the precast concrete structures in the factory. Only the installation and assembly of walls are carried out on-site. 

  • Reduction of workers due to automation

The number of labourers can be reduced essentially in plants with a serious extent of robotization. In Europe, working hours per square meter have been reduced by two-third times since robotization has been advancing constantly since the 1980s. This implies just a single-third of the first number of labourers is required to create a similar measure of precast solid components. With the mastery of Tekla precast concrete detailing precast works are being easier and accurate.

  • Eco-Friendliness

Concrete consists of water, sand, gravel, and cement. Water, sand, and cement naturally exist in our environment. So, there is nothing against the environment. At the production of precast cement in the plant, the recycling of the fresh concrete which has not been utilized is the foremost priority. The fresh concrete which has not been utilized is returned into the production cycle, therefore, it gets recycled to almost 100%.


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