Why can Cadeploy be your Hybrid Structure Design and Detailing partner?
Why can Cadeploy be your Hybrid Structure Design and Detailing partner?
10Jan 2019
By Admin - Cadeploy

Hybrid Structures - The life line structures that combine both Structural and PEMB projects with Optimum Functionality

Hybrid structures are the result of rapid urbanization and rising costs of construction and maintenance. Architects, engineers and general contractors are using a combination of materials and methods of construction to strike a balance between performance, quality, speed and economy. They need to design and build structures that possess the valuable features of each construction method to meet the rising demands. Hybrid structures are the solutions to every problems these people are looking for.

According to experts a blend of steel systems and concrete offer structures that are economical and efficient. Every hybrid structure is valuated on an individual basis for the value they provide to the owner. Hybrid structures are generally large with long lasting durability and also support specific heavy design load requirements. To get the best out of your hybrid structure select a general contractor who understands the advantages and limitations of every construction method so that he will help you with the best approach.

Advantages of Hybrid Structures:

  • Hybrid structures can be used in any industry
  • They are multipurpose and can meet even the most specific application
  • They can be built in most efficient design possible
  • They are built at a low cost per square foot
  • They can easily meet the local construction codes and weather requirements
  • They possess high durability and versatility
  • Offer long term weather protection and are 100% recyclable
  • End-user gets more flexibility and customization for their final design
  • They can be built at a rapid speed saving at least 20% of construction time
  • With hybrid structures, field erection time is reduced by 35%
  • The design, fabrication, material weights and shopping costs for the complete structure is substantially reduced
  • The pre assembly preparation work done during the initial stages(design and manufacturing), costs of direct labour, equipment and construction site overhead decreases
  • Hybrid structures have huge interior layout flexibility due to the absence of interior columns

Cadeploy: A Structural and PEMB Design and Detailing Expert

Planning and Development of the projects are two vital stages in hybrid construction. Every party associated with the hybrid structure construction (Architects, Engineers, Suppliers, Fabricators and Erectors) need to work in a flow starting from design to erection. This flow of work is very essential for successful completion of hybrid projects without any hassles. The bulk of this team work is owned by the design and detailing team, where a single error in the design or detail can cause significant loss of time and money.

Cadeploy gained its reputation as the most trusted Hybrid structure design and detailing company in a short span of time. Since inception in 2012, we worked with more than 250+ customers and designed numerous landmark projects across US and Canada. We are a team of more than 700+ engineers offering 24/7 relentless services; in 0.84M production hours in 2017 we detailed around 200K tonnes of steel. In the month of October 2017, we designed 20k tonnes of steel, this shows the commitment level of our team in delivering services irrespective of the size of the project.

Our engineers who hold degrees in structural and civil engineering have an average team working experience of over 10 years. They designed and detailed structural steel and PEMB projects ranging from simple to very complex structures. It is this flexibility which enables us to handle hybrid structures with ease. We work primarily on Tekla, SDS/2, AutoCAD, Advance Steel, Mathcad and platforms.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • MBMA, AISC and NISD certified
  • ISO 9001 : 2015 certified
  • 700+ skilled engineers with degrees in structural and civil engineering
  • 10+ years of average on-the-job detailing experience
  • In-house estimation, connection design, project management, quality and customer support teams
  • 2000+ projects successfully executed
  • 24/7 technical support & service
  • PE stamping across all US states
  • Live sharing model access
  • Data security and data access
  • Customized Tekla API tools

Our Engineers are experienced in designing and detailing both structural steel and PEMB projects and this is where we leave our competitors behind in handling any hybrid structures. With in-house estimation, connection design, project management, quality and customer support teams, Cadeploy can be your one-stop destination for any Hybrid Structure design and detailing works. While we handle your most comprehensive tasks, you can invest your resources in other activities to improve your profits. Contact us for some sample hybrid drawings.