Why Does The Construction Sector Rely On Shop Drawings?
Why Does The Construction Sector Rely On Shop Drawings?
12Jun 2019
By Admin - Cadeploy

Shop drawings are one of the important segments of the construction industry that have close relationship with the size of the project. Every project in the construction industry doesn’t require a shop drawing, projects which are huge and has many challenges and complexities definitely require shop drawings. Shop drawings help in overcoming these challenges and complexities by showing real time situations of work plan and thus enabling easy work flow.

Shop drawings are vital in the construction of big projects where they provide detailed information to suppliers and fabricators on how particular elements are to be constructed and installed. The shop drawings help the contactor with sufficient detail to ensure that the items set forth in the shop drawings are properly and safely constructed. Every Shop drawing is reviewed and approved by a design professional before they get to the construction site.

Detailed approach for preparation of shop drawings:

  • Identify projects that require shop drawings
  • Consult experts for detailed and accurate drawings
  • The drawings from experts are then reviewed by design professionals
  • Design professional consults other stake holders involved in the project
  • The final drawings are approved by design professional

Very often the construction work begins without shop drawings or with drawings that contain errors. The latter has more implications and is futile for planning and execution of the project. The design professional who approves the shop drawings is liable not only for any damages that occur due to errors in drawings but also for wrong interpretation of the drawings by any individual who is involved in the construction project. The onus lays on professional designer to verify every inch of the drawings in detail and ensure the drawings are bound within the industry standards and are correctly interpreted. It is the duty of the design professional to give a heads up to the construction process after verifying and interpreting the shop drawings.

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