Connection Design
Structural Steel Connection Design
Structural Steel Connection Design

Cadeploy is a brand name in the field of structural steel detailing but it’s not the only industry where we have attained a commanding stature. Our company also offers structural steel connection design services and work with major fabricators around the globe on their connection design needs. We collaborate with everyone from steel fabricators to construction managers and general contractors. Our connection design team is a bunch of passionate, smart and hardworking professionals. We have experienced structural engineers and project managers who can provide connection design services for industrial, commercial and many other different structures within a short span of time and with optimal accuracy.

You can bank on the experience and expertise of our team members. The connection alternatives provided by us will help you with the safest, most economical, and structurally efficient connections. We keep innovating and use the latest technologies to deliver the best results. Our experienced design engineers and detailers do thorough research and regularly develop new methodologies to improve work processes and deliverables that enhance the output using cutting edge 3D model technology.

Connection Design Services
  • Structural Connection Drawings
  • Structural Analysis
  • Designs as per ASD, LRFD and IS Standards
  • Stair and railing design (Engineering and stamped calculations for connections)
  • Beam-Beam Connections
  • Beam-Column Connections
  • Column splice designs
  • Moment, Axial, Bracing (Horizontal and vertical) and other lateral connections
  • Complex Truss Connections
  • Special connections per project requirement.
  • Detailed Calculations along with Complete Report (Will also include every supporting Table, Connection Sketches, Mapping and Calculation Reports)
Connection Design Experience
  • Structural Steel Connection Design
    Commercial & Residential Buildings
  • Structural Steel Connection Design
    Architectural Buildings
  • Structural Steel Connection Design
    Industrial (Power, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Energy, Support Structures, Process Building
  • Structural Steel Connection Design
    Structural Renovations
  • Structural Steel Connection Design
  • Structural Steel Connection Design
    Industrial Structures Revamping
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