Structural Steel Design and Analysis
Structural Steel Design and Analysis
structural engineering design and analysis

Cadeploy is a brand name in the field of structural steel design and analysis consultancy. Our client base steel detailing service in USA and Canada now expanding to the globe, that too rapidly. We deliver various engineering designs and Steel detailing services to hundreds of fabricators and contractors across North America and courtesy our high-quality engineering skills, we are all set to add more associates from other continents. We have designed complex connections and checked applicable members' sizes. Our shining profile also includes a whole array of structural steel design; including platforms, staircases, railings, pipe racks, and canopies. Besides we are renowned in Miscellaneous Steel Drafting in Canada. We have vast experience and expertise in designing buildings and other structures made of any material. If you are searching for a reliable steel detailing company in Canada then Cadeploy is always there for you. You name it and we can build it and build it better than others, and for that today we are a leading steel detailing company in Canada  Adhering to our ethical and transparent work culture norms, all design and analysis are performed to meet ASCE and IBC codes, latest editions and applicable material-specific design codes and standards.

We offer Structural Engineering services for:
  • Structural Engineering Design and Analysis
    Industrial platforms
  • Structural Engineering Design and Analysis
    Industrial process plants
  • Structural Design and Analysis
    Commercial Buildings
  • Structural Steel Design and Analysis
    Mixed use Buildings
  • Steel detailing
  • Structural steel detailing
    Coal Handling Plants
  • Sttel design and detailing
    Hook-up Structures (Lifting Analysis)
  • Steel detailing
    Shelters with and without Cranes
Our services include
  • Structural Steel Design and Analysis
  • Structural Connection Design
  • Design Sketches & Connection detail drawings
  • 3D Steel Structure Modelling
  • Peer review services
  • Value engineering services
  • Alternate material design checks
  • Preliminary engineering consultation
  • Design development services
  • Design-Build or Design-bid-build engineering services
  • Construction drawings services
  • Co-ordination of drawings services
  • Shoring and formwork design services
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