Electrical Design and Detailed Engineering
Electrical Design and Detailed Engineering
Electrical Design and Detailed Engineering

Cadeploy’s electrical department provides design engineering services for oil and gas plants, process plants, refineries, power plants, air separation plants, petrochemical industries, fertilizer plants, and steel plants. Besides basic and detailed engineering, we also provide other services such as procurement support and operation and maintenance support (O&M manuals). As an emerging leader in electrical technology, Cadeploy is able to develop and design working processes for electrical design layout that comply with international industry standards.

Our winning combination of highly dedicated, industry skilled engineers with cutting edge technical tools and expertise utilizing many state-of-the-art software enables Cadeploy to provide design and engineering services to our clients, customized to meet their targets.

Typical detail engineering documents and tasks include:
  • Preparation of project specification
  • Preparation of design basis
  • Selection of HV / LV switchgear, motor control centers
  • Selection of AC / DC UPS
  • Designing supply change over schemes for incomers and outgoing feeder control schemes
  • Selection of feeder / motor / transformer protection relays
  • Load flow studies
  • Selection of power / distribution transformers
  • Switchyard / transformer layouts
  • Switchgear / MCC room layout
  • Battery room layouts
  • Earthing layouts
  • Cable routing layouts
  • Cable tray / trench layouts
  • Lighting (indoor / outdoor) layouts
  • Lightning protection layouts
  • Power and control cable schedules
  • SCADA I/O list
  • Interface activities with civil / machinery / instrumentation
  • Coordination with civil for floor openings, electrical equipment foundation, and plants
  • Electrical data input for packaged equipment
  • Review vendor drawings and issue approvals for manufacturing
  • Bill of quantities for bulk materials
  • Standard installation drawings for power system, earthing system, lighting system and cable tray / ladders.
  • Review vendor bids and issue technical bid analysis
  • Construction Scope of Work and responses to bidder’s technical queries
  • As-built project drawings / documentation
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