2D CAD Design & As-Built Updating

When delivering 2D CAD Drafting and As-Built projects, the prime concern of the client is the standard of quality and the precision of the project. To make sure we live up to the expectation of the client, we have a pool of skilled engineers and CAD personnel who execute the projects on time with utmost accuracy. The team uses a wide range of software, drafting and data conversion techniques to fulfill the detailed demands of our clients.

Our CAD team has the right amount of experience and knowledge to employ the latest multiple data conversion options like Overlay Tracing, Batch conversion, and selective conversion etc. We use the most up-to-date CAD software tools and applications available in the market.

Having worked on a large volume of projects in our years of existence, we have learned a lot from the challenges that we faced at different junctures. Thus, to simplify things, we have developed a unique all-inclusive methodology that caters specifically to the requirements of all energy and process manufacturing industries troubled by obsolete engineering records.

Even with a huge clientele base, the work done for each client is different from the other. We offer customized solutions to them depending upon the nature and scale of their problem. Our aim is to aid them in achieving the re-building of an updated set of As-Built Master Engineering Records while applying a coherent step-by-step methodology.

The drawings match the standards specified by the clients. In case, they want our insight, we provide them drawings produced according to our own existing engineering design standards. All projects are completed without delays making sure our clients can meet their deadlines.

Our expertise lies in the following range of 2D CAD Drafting & As-Built Updating services :-
  • Engineering Design & Drafting
    • Preparing 2D Drawing
    • Intelligently converting P&ID and generating Tag Database
    • Extracting 2D Layouts, GADs and isometrics from 3D Models
    • Preparing Fabrication/Manufacturing Drawings
  • Engineering Design & Drafting
    • Scanning, editing, cleaning up Paper Drawings/Documents
    • Digitizing Paper Archives and converting them to CAD Drawings (Vectorization).
    • Standardizing designs
    • Converting formats
    • Creating Meta-data
    • Indexing and archiving data
  • As-Built Updating Services
    • Gathering and analyzing data
    • Drawing, updating and standardizing models
    • Creating in-depth site validation surveys
    • Taking care of As-Built inspection & certification
    • Maintaining As-Built Records
3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning has revolutionized the world of designing in the construction arena. It is both cost-effective and time-saving. It has become a go-to tool both in delivering technically challenging fresh projects and procuring accurate information on existing ones.

To elucidate further, 3D Laser Scanning is a modern surveying/as-built data capturing technique that uses reflected laser beams to create high-resolution 3D point cloud databases. It facilitates the formation of dimensionally accurate as-built 3D digital (CAD) models of scanned structures regardless of their size and surface features, without physically touching them. This technology is now being employed across the globe and its popularity is only increasing. It is getting sophisticated with advancements and is now regarded as an indispensable tool required for as-Built data capturing and Intelligent and Non-lntelligent 3D CAD Modeling.

Always eager to use the safest and latest technologies to deliver the finest projects for our clients, we offer 3D Laser Scanning as part of our wide range of services.

Building and maintaining as-Built data is quite significant for the growth of a firm and we understand the importance of delivering quality and accuracy needed. For us, the size of the project or the company doesn’t influence or vary our commitment to produce fine results. That’s why from an operator needing an asset management system implementation to an engineering contractor undertaking a retrofit project, anyone can approach us. Offering them solutions to best fit the needs while taking care of their time and budget limitations has earned us a brand stature.

From implementing laser scanning projects and utilizing class leading technology and in-house developed systems offering turnkey solutions to establishing rapid deployment to provide asset data, you name it and we have done it.

  • Capturing 360-degree data via high-speed laser scanners
  • Offering accuracy localized surveys (+/-3mm)
  • Scanning diameter up to 100m
  • Minimizing time on set courtesy rapid data captures
  • Being economical
  • Providing remote access to hazardous areas
  • Offering 3D Laser scanning for production of As-built intelligent 3D models as well as new Platforms or Vendor Packages
  • As-built Data Collection for brown field retrofit projects ensuring undisputable designs
  • Providing facility data capture meant to implement and update Engineering Asset Management Systems
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Dimensional Control and point cloud viewing
  • Data Processing and clash detection
  • Export to AutoCAD, Microstation, PDMS, PDS, and AutoPlant and other CAD platforms
  • Converting any platform into geometric or fully intelligent 3D models
Engineering _As Built 3D Modelling

Looking for an expert in the creation of intelligent & non-intelligent As-Built 3D models? Well, your search can stop at CADeploy. We have vast experience and expertise in this field and all our projects are executed using the latest As-Built Data Capturing techniques. We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ formula and thus, offer an assortment of intelligent 3D modelling solutions completely in sync with the needs of the projects that satisfy the long-term and immediate objectives of the clients.

Our versatility and technical competencies are well-known. From Process, Structural, Piping & Equipment, HVAC and Electrical to Instrumentation etc., you can trust us to furnish you the desired outcome. Our proficiency lies in swiftly analysing the discipline-specific detailed requirements and completing the project before the deadline. To put it simply, all our projects are developed in a customised way using project-specific methodology giving you an As-Built 3D Model just like you wanted. Our clientele consists of market leaders who have continually shown great appreciation for our work culture and quality of services.

All you need is tell us your aim and vision and we have a large pool of skilled, experienced, and passionate resource who are trained in comprehensive workflows and diverse methodologies. They are well-versed with a wide range of industry standard 3D Engineering Design/Modeling systems such as LFM Modeling Suite, INOVx RealityLinx, PDMS, PDS, and AutoPlant. You name it and they have used it to deliver large–scale 3D modelling projects. As far as our success rate is concerned, providing an accuracy of up to +/- 5mm has helped us create such a reputable name in the industry.

In a nutshell, here’s what we can do:
  • Creating Non-intelligent (CAD) and intelligent (Data-Centric) As-Built 3D models based on high-resolution 3D Laser Scanning Surveys
  • Developing Non-Intelligent and Intelligent As-Built 3D models using both the existing and legacy As-Built Drawings, Records & Documents
  • Generating impressive Walkthroughs and Visualization
  • Extracting 2D As-Built Drawings like piping Isometrics and Gas, Structural Layouts, Equipment Layouts, Electrical & instrumentation Layouts etc. from the 2D Models

We would also be happy to give you detailed technical presentations that would include copious information on all our offerings, functioning, workflows, and track record in different domains. Just get in touch if you are looking for a long-lasting professional relationship.

Engineering Records Management

Thanks to our years of experience in the sphere of As-Built Data gathering and updating solutions, we at CADeploy are proud to have come up with an absolutely unique and proven specialty. The end-to-end Engineering Records & Data Management Solutions that this new technique offers has revolutionized the way industrial enterprises have been maintaining an updated and accurate digital inventory of their 2D As-Built Master Engineering Records/Documents and 3D Models.

This modern tool has up the ante while delivering the goods that are accurately specific to the vision and requirements of our clients. Much to their delight, we offer both long-term and short-term associations over projects helping our clients out in organizing their Engineering Records Inventory. We are there for our clients whether they want us to integrate our processes of Engineering Data Management along with their existing operational processes on an extended service outsourcing basis or simply for 'one-time' - necessity.

We take great care of what the client wants. So, regardless of the service delivery model they choose, we make sure that the exact dedicated process workflow, methodology, software application platform and resources that the client has asked for are maintained. All the updates are made without any delay.

Now when such huge amount of data is being stored and transferred, its security becomes a major concern. Here too, we have developed secure models of communication. Adhering to the terms of agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs), we provide service and support to our various remote or/and overseas chants over the high-bandwidths secured communication links (Extranet) to directly interface and update any of their Enterprise Engineering Records/Data Management Systems like Document Management Systems, Asset Maintenance Management Systems, and ERP Applications etc.

We have done some stellar work in this field and successfully spread its wings across all the key engineering disciplines. Our clientele base is only growing and several large owners/operators and EPCs in Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Offshore, Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Cement and Utility industries have been greatly benefited from our services. We look forward to more such fruitful associations.

Panoramic Imaging

Panoramic imaging is a widely used concept today. And keeping pace with the rising demands of the clients, we too use panoramic imaging services. It’s a subpart of the larger requirement of Image Based Information System (IBIS) that we have successfully developed and run with great efficiency. Our tools in this nuanced process are a high-resolution camera and pan indexer unit. With these high-tech tools, we are able to capture complete 360-degree panoramic images. When these pictures are post processed and juxtaposed with background mapping, it allows the user to experience an image-based walkthrough of any facility. The icing on the cake is that all this is possible sitting on a comfortable couch in your office.

  • High-resolution images provide a complete 360-degree view.
  • The data capture system is so robust that it can effortlessly handle any extreme condition of offshore environment
  • It’s a time saving process. The Rapid data capture lowers the amount of time considerably.
  • One even gets remote access to hazardous areas.
  • The total dimension capture greatly brings down the cost considerably. This is becoming possible because the data is quite efficiently used for multiple applications.
  • The web-based viewer is connected to the background mapping
  • Inbuilt links are provided to several documents and applications
  • Courtesy this, the client gets to both experience as well as enjoy the image-based walkthrough of any facility sitting in the comfortable chair in the AC room.
  • The image captured can be used for multiple purposes like inspection, maintenance, and monitoring etc.
  • The Rapid data capture of as-built site conditions compliment the 2D/3D as building, which helps in lower consumption of time and energy giving maximum output
  • We also offer Offsite familiarization and training
  • From image based front end to asset management systems, one can also add then in our long list of applications employed
  • To reiterate, capturing high-resolution 360-degree images are our forte
  • Our services are not just limited to image capturing. We also process the image data.
  • We offer the clients the provision of linking web-based image viewer with background mapping. We customized all projects according to the needs of the clients.
  • We also have a pool of skilled professionals who carry out integration with existing Asset Management Systems

We would also be happy to give you detailed technical presentations that would include copious information on all our offerings, functioning, workflows, and track record in different domains. Just get in touch if you are looking for a long-lasting professional relationship.

Resource Outsourcing

In this era of engineering excellence, we offer flexibility, specialized skills, as well as accelerated project pace. Your organization might be looking at obtaining human resources as and when needed, but when it is time to gear up for a specialized project outside your core focus area, we make sure that the project is carried out with utmost efficiency.

We, at CADeploy, with our staff augmentation services empower your project with appropriate skill-sets and technical experience. This lays a strong threshold for project initiation phase and the core Project Management Board/Team can concentrate more on establishing the correct execution approach for their critical projects. We build a work environment wherein there are minimum delivery pressures and quality and safety concerns are most importantly met.

This efficiently decreases the cost and time required for in-house training and skill.

We are equipped with a power-packed efficient team of skilled engineering, 2D/3D CAD human resources. They have been fiercely trained on a comprehensive workflow & methodology and a variety of industry standard 2D and 3D Engineering Design/Modeling systems such as AutoCAD, MicroStation PDMS, PDS, Auto Plant, LFM Modeling Suite and INOVx RealityLinx etc.

Our utmost priority is our clients’ satisfaction and depending on the resource outsourcing model preferred, we at CADeploy unleash all our resources to bring the best out of the project. We swiftly mobilize the required number of best-in-class and experienced Engineering, 2D/3D CAD personnel to work under your direction. We make sure that these personnel work as assets to realize the envisaged project efficiency.