Precast Concrete Modeling & Detailing
Precast Concrete Modeling & Detailing
Rebar Detailing and Estimation

At Cadeploy, we believe in achieving nothing short of excellence. Our exemplary track record has helped us being a preferred solution provider in the Precast Detailing Industry, serving contractors, Precast Manufacturers and structural engineers across the globe.

Our geographical spread in US, Canada, Europe and UK has propelled us to deliver simple to complex jobs flawlessly. Our 100 + precast engineers have a thorough understanding and expertise on various codes and standards (BS - British Codes, Euro codes, ACI, CRSI & ASTM American codes, RSIC Canadian codes etc.) and have the experience working on some of the most renowned projects across the globe.

Our Precast Engineers, work round the clock to ensure seamless communication with all our clients. More importantly, we have teams that visit our clients on a regular basis to address their project needs and update their skills.

It’s not just the accuracy of our projects that has made us popular amongst our clients; it’s also our ethical and transparent way of functioning too. We have made big strides in this industry in a short time and have succeeded in finishing every type of detailing job with our knowledge, skill, experience, and talent.

At Cadeploy, we understand and respect your delivery time lines. With our increased speed and capacity, you can optimize on your core strength of procuring more business. Strengthen your relationship with your client by bringing Cadeploy’s optimization value to them; mitigate the negative impact of revisions and reduce shop turnaround times.

Our Services

List of Items to do Precast:

  • Walls panels
  • Spandrels / Balustrade Walls
  • Double Walls / Sandwich Walls
  • GA Drawings
  • Columns
  • Beams
  • Staircases
  • Solid Slabs
  • Half Slabs
  • Hollowcore Slabs
  • Double Tee Slabs
Precast Concrete Expertise

Cadeploy has the expertise in detailing all types of Precast elements/products and is a one stop solution for major Precast Manufacturers. We specialize in Columns, Beams, Slabs, Hollow Core Slabs, Solid Slabs, Stairs and Landings, Precast Panels, etc.

  • Precast Detailing and Estimation
    Commercial Building
  • Rebar detailing
    Medical & Hospital Buildings
  • Reinforced Concrete Detailing
    Office Buildings
  • Rebar Concrete Detailing and Estimation
    Schools & Administrative Buildings
  • Rebar Detailing services
    Multi Storey Parking Garages
  • Reinforced Concrete Detailing and Estimation
    High Rise Residential & Mixed-Use Buildings
  • Reinforced Concrete Detailing and Estimation
    Bridges & Highway Structures
  • Rebar consultants
    Water Treatment Plants
  • Rebar detailing company
    Shopping Malls
Precast Concrete consultants
Software We Use
  • Precast
  • Precast detailing consultants
Precast Concrete Detailing and Estimation
  • Precast Model and Shop drawings detailing
  • Field coordination
  • Phone Support
  • Dedicated Project Manager and team
  • Instant Access to Projects on FTP Site
  • Change Order Management & Tracking
Precast Concrete Detailing
Production Output Formats
  • .pxml
  • .uxml
We are like your 4 am friends and you can approach our team at any point of the day.

We are accessible 24/7 and are happy to answer your queries and dispel any doubts that you may have. We want you to understand our unique approach well before we collaborate. Talk to our Precast Concrete Detailing Professionals today. You can reach us at
855-444-9497(Toll Free)/4083759200 for US, Canada and Rest of World and +44 203 287 0235 (for UK and Europe). or email us at We will definitely respond within 24 hours.

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